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Yes. Medicaid assisted living denver can help pay for assisted living costs, including memory care (Alzheimer's care units). To be specific, medicaid assisted living denver co provides long-term care services, including personal care and homemaker assistance for those who meet the eligibility criteria. Medicaid can also provide emergency management services and skilled nursing care.

What Is Covered and What Isn't in Medicaid Assisted Living

Assisted living is a form of long-term residential care for seniors who want to remain as self-sufficient as possible but need support with household chores and daily living activities (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, toileting, feeding, and walking/transferring.

The reality is that seniors (and their families) who need regular assistance with non-medical custodial care activities have a hard time affording these programs. It may be challenging to get help paying for assisted living, but most state Medicaid services provide some financial assistance. However, it is essential to remember that Medicaid does not cover the cost of basic room and board in the same way it does for nursing home patients.

What Does Medicaid Cover in Assisted Living?

The programs provided by Medicaid differ by state and the program in which a senior enrolls. Personal care services (assistance with ADLs) are available in every state, but their delivery varies greatly. Many state Medicaid services, for example, offer personal care support to registered seniors who do not live in an assisted living facility.

However, the following are the primary benefits that most Medicaid plans would cover in an assisted living facility:

  • Services for personal treatment
  • Services for house cleaning (meal preparation, laundry, light housekeeping, etc.)
  • Case Management
  • Transportation
  • Emergency management programs for individuals

Qualifying for Medicaid to Help Pay for Assisted Living

Long-term support Medicaid is a joint federal-state initiative that assists low-income seniors (and people with disabilities) in receiving the treatment they need. The amount of money and assets a senior may have depended on several factors, including the type of treatment they receive, their medical condition, where they live, and their marital status. Besides, a doctor must certify that a senior's need for assisted living treatment is "medically appropriate."

If a senior meet all of the financial and functional criteria, they must then search for an assisted living facility that accepts Medicaid. Owing to low reimbursement rates, there are usually few Medicaid-certified assisted living facilities. This final phase can be challenging. If a facility agrees with this type of payment, Medicaid patients may only have a small number of beds available. Bear in mind that assisted living is also known as adult foster care, board and care homes, residential care, community homes, personal care homes, and other words.

While not all Medicaid waiver programs cover residential assisted living, there may be other equivalent personal care services such as in-home care and adult day care covered by Medicaid waiver programs. These waivers are intended to allow seniors who are on the verge of being institutionalized to remain in their own homes and communities. Again, the local AAA will provide comprehensive state-specific details on various services and Medicaid eligibility requirements.


Medicaid is a safety net for individuals in the United States who can't afford private health insurance. Medicaid, or Medicare, is a health insurance policy that covers nearly all medical expenses. It may also be used to offset the costs of long-term care in a nursing home. Many states allow residents to use Medicaid to pay for assisted-living facilities or other in-home care options


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